• <div class='slide-overlay so-top'><h2>Transporting Loads</h2><p>Professional hauliers of plant, machinery and heavy loads. Low loader and truck mounted crane transport.</p></div>
  • <div class='slide-overlay'><h2>Everything Everywhere Everyday</h2><p>Going to great lengths to deliver your promises. Based South East UK, in London everyday.</p></div>
  • <div class='slide-overlay'><h2>Rapid Response</h2><p>There when you need us... each time, every time. Call now for friendly, expert help.</p></div>
  • <div class='slide-overlay'><h2>Technology In Harness</h2><p>Real time satellite tracking and state of the art navigation, meaning accurate and timely deliveries.</p></div>
  • <div class='slide-overlay'><h2>Your Transport Partner</h2><p>We love what we do, so let us help you solve your transport problems.</p></div>
  • <div class='slide-overlay'><h2>The Extra Mile</h2><p>Short notice moves in difficult or unusual circumstances are an everyday occurrence for us.</p></div>
  • <div class='slide-overlay'><h2>Safe... Sustainable... Progressive...</h2><p>An unrivalled commitment to training, development and accreditation.</p></div>
  • <div class='slide-overlay'><h2>Abnormal Loads</h2><p>Routinely moving the extraordinary.</p></div>
  • <div class='slide-overlay'><h2>Machinery Movements</h2><p>Lifting and handling awkward heavy loads, with a light precise touch...</p></div>
  • <div class='slide-overlay'><h2>Versatile Fleet</h2><p>We offer an unparalleled range of vehicles, cranes and trailers to suit your every need.</p></div>

Welcome to Truck & Crane, a division of Southdown Engineers Ltd.
Efficient, professional and versatile transport solutions for all industry sectors...