BNP Paribas/NHS Shrewsbury & Telford- Shrewsbury Hospital

nhs 2

This was another mission from the roadplatehire team. A maintenance crew had a substantial schedule of works to perform on half a kilometre of subterranean pipework. The lines in question, were in fact inside a network of sectional reinforced tunnels, directly under the access roads for the busy staff car park zones. Health and safety considerations called for the live sections to be plated over to ensure there could be no partial collapse on the crews inside. RPH had 135 pieces of AIRSIDE-SAFELIFTER at 883 kgs each, ready to go. ALL that was required was 2 x ABLOADS and a curtainsider with Moffett to unload all 3 trucks and position the entire 120 tonne set up. All of which had to happen 3 hours trucking away from the RPH yard, and between the hours of 18.00h and 01.00h so as not to interfere with the coming and going of medical staff. It all went according to plan, and 8 weeks later when the project was complete, the manoeuvre was reversed with similar success.