Double Trouble

In fairness, assembly and disassembly of Atcost concrete-framed barns used to be pretty routine in years gone by. But this one had a twist in its tail.

The client was literally midway through converting this one into a new high-specification home with spectacular views of the Sussex countryside.

In order to keep the project working through the grimmest part of winter, they’d left the old fibre asbestos roof and concrete purlins etc in situ.

So when it came time to remove it in order to install the new timber ones, the uprights were embedded in brand new blockwork and could not be shifted even a millimetre.

A plan was worked up using two HIABS. One with a fly jib to lift one half out, whilst the second held the free hanging half of the truss, which was subsequently lifted out.

With the utmost care and the Southdown ‘can do’ spirit the whole job went beautifully.

Pictures courtesy of Connel Preston.