Go to work on an Egg!

Some of you may well have seen this elegant gondola on the stand of VOLERE of Burgess Hill at the South of England Show. These wonderfully crafted little structures form a cosy enclave and give 360 views of a cherished outdoor space so that you can enjoy all year round views from a whole new perspective, including of course your handsome home.

This was our first delivery to some discerning clients in deepest Sussex.

Their idyllic rural home presented our team with a good few challenges that required some lateral thinking.

Step 1) Deliver our MOFFETT and a pack of GPRMs about ½ mile from the site, avoiding low trees and cables

Step 2) Drive MOFFETT and follow with SUPERTRUCK to position on the clients driveway.

Step 3) Install GPRMs on lawn

Step 4) Lift MOFFETT over the hedge on to GPRMs

Step 5) Go to factory and collect Gondola, return and lift on to MOFFETT forks

Step 6) Carefully move across the lawn to the desired spot and lower in safely.

Step 7) Extract MOFFETT

Step 8) Extract GPRMs

Step 9) Travel it all back up the drive and load all back on to SUPERTRUCK

Step 10) Return to base with base with a job well done and some very happy customers.

Pictures courtesy of Barry Huntley