Metropolitan Weekend…

Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of May was a busy weekend for the boys at Southdown.

Saturday… T.Hill – M.A.N 8×2 c/w 36 t/m

Our ‘smartly turned out’ truck and driver arrived at Old Burlington Street behind Saville Row with a ‘neatly wrapped’ load of finished steelwork.

The PM crane with remote controls was ‘well suited’ to lifting the architectural steel work into position. We and the crew on site ‘ironed out’ any issues and despite being a jolly long day, by the time we left the ‘tailor made’ pieces ‘hung neatly’ in position.

We were even spotted on Horse Guards Parade on the way home.

Saturday… Moo – 6×4 Mercedes & Flat, along with Mole – 6×2 Volvo & Flat

Due to previous  logistical problems on site beyond our clients control, today was the day we made the second successful attempt at delivering 3 large air conditioning units to the development at No1 Blackfriars. Despite the previous mission resulting in a trip back to Shoreham to unload, no one got ‘hot under the collar’.

Now they’ve been successfully position high on the roof top, the customer remains a ‘big fan’ of ours.

Sunday… P.Sims – M.A.N 8×2 c/w 66 t/m

This was one of our regular trips into Battersea Power Station to move the TVCB’s involved with the traffic management on site. Because we’re FORS compliant and we have a pool of drivers that have been inducted, we have ‘generated’ a good deal of work from lots of clients on this site.

Having the ‘power’ to lift, load and move equipment in one process combined with ‘amp-le’ training has certainly made us a ‘current’ favourite.