Millimetre Perfect

This was a job that we’d seen some of before, having last year moved the components from Millimetre’s workshops on the south coast to a storage point in the heart of rural Sussex.

Now that the site in North London had been prepared, we were readied to take it to it’s ultimate destination.

Challenges included;

  • Getting the bespoke handcrafted, timber clad sections out through the lanes of Twineham, around London, and into leafy suburbia, including chicaning around parked cars etc with the rear steer trailer.
  • Safely off loading at the kerbside and pushing it out about 20 metres with pinpoint accuracy to land it on to the specially prepared foundations jacks, avoiding contact with the mature trees surrounding the site.
  • Finally connecting the top section with the bottom, whilst Millimetres technicians guided it all into place.
  • Finally, extracting the lifting rig with only fingers width clearance on the surrounding site.

Barry ‘Moo’ Huntley and Chris ‘Longshanks’ Carlier were despatched with the recently acquired Volvo FH unit with its very capable 65 t/m PM Crane and a specially selected Broshius 2 axle 300 mm ride height load bed with it’s invaluable remote rear steer function and completed the task without a hitch over the allocated 2 and half days.

We look forward to Millimetres next large scale creation and it’s associated logistical challenges 🙂