Time flies…

It was Mark Twain who said ‘History never repeats itself, but it quite often rhymes…’

So here are 2 proud truckers with their respective aviation cargoes.

The chap in the uniform is Arthur Hammond who’s pictured hauling a torpedo plane during his wartime service with the Royal Navy in 1942.

Our man in technicolor is Tony Hill (grandson of Arthur) with a cockpit of an Airbus aboard his Volvo 8×2 c/w FASSI 82 t/m crane.

Eagle-eyed viewers will spot a bit of damage on the war-bird. We are not sure exactly what happened but apparently some of Arthur’s chums thought it might have been easier to unbolt the wings and stop the engine before entering the dock service tunnel. But as Tony said ‘Grandpa knew best..’ 🙂

Pictures courtesy of Tony Hill