Articulated Units c/w VHD LLC (Very Heavy Duty Lorry Loading Cranes)

These are an evolution of one of our more unusual capabilities and they give us some very useful combinations to tackle a variety of lift and load issues.

As the construction industry pushes ahead and makes more and more structural components in a factory environment before shipping to site and the load elements get ever larger, we’ve adapted our offering to reflect this.

We worked together with the crane manufacturers to pioneer this unique platform. The resultant machine gives a range of truly remarkable lifting capacities. It further benefits when fitted with the fly jib and/or ​2 t winch, meaning we can handle projects that no one else can touch.​

Developed from the ground up without compromise these LONG REACH versions with fly jibs and winches add a host of solutions for elevated delivery and installation projects including air handling units, roof beams, roof trusses, glazing units, balconies, loft conversions and skylights. An further projects our ability to deliver and install with the same machine giving clients less worry and better value for money.

Negative angle functionality on the fly jibs means that some ambitious internal lifts can be safely accomplished that were not previously possible with this type of truck mounted crane.

Because we have a full spectrum of articulated trailer types, with load capacities from 21 to 50 tonnes, it means we have a raft of combinations to choose from.

Typical specifications

VOLVO 6×2 ‘Super-truck’ Body & Crane
Bhp: 540 Crane: PM 65028
LEZ/FORS: Yes Winch: Yes – 2 t WLL
Sleepercab: Yes Max radius: 32.50 metres inc. Fly Jib
Trailers – Standard artic’ range Working radius with 2.5 t: 17.50m
Crossrail: Yes SWL@ 7.95 m: 6,460kgs
Emission class: Euro 6 Overfront – 360 degree duties: Yes
GVW (GTW): 80,000 kgs O/R spread: 8.00m (4x)


VOLVO 6×2 ‘Super-truck’
Bhp: 540
Sleepercab: Yes
Trailers – Standard artic’ range
Crossrail: Yes
Emission class: Euro 6
GVW (GTW): 80,000 kgs
Body & Crane
Crane: PM 65028
Winch: Yes – 2 t WLL
Max radius: 32.50 metres inc. Fly Jib
Working radius with 2.5 t: 17.50m
SWL@ 7.95 m: 6,460kgs
Overfront – 360 degree duties: Yes
O/R spread: 8.00m (4x)
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