Rigid 8×4 + HIAB c/w MAX PAYLOAD

As often the way with us, we’ve added a solution that we’ve built in our own workshops for a specific purpose. In addition to a Lorry Loading Crane, offering limited self load/off loading capabilities, it’s primary objective is carry the MAXIMUM weight possible in a rigid configuration. Weighing in at just 15,250 kgs it can move 16.750 kgs on its low slung cheese-wedge beavertail body. So a 14 t excavator plus buckets can now be safely delivered to the increasing number of ‘No Artics!’ sites. Plus having a decent length of body, long steel or timber load members can also be hauled.

Typical specifications

KX07 - VOLVO VOLVO 8X4 Rigid Body & Crane
Bhp: 400 FASSI 9500
LEZ/FORS: Yes Drawbar: Combination ball/eye
Sleepercab: No Max radius: 5.90 metres
Twist locks: Yes Lift & load: 1,745 kgs
Travel height: 3.43 metres SWL@ 5.90 m: 1,210 kgs
O/R Spread: 4.74 metres Rad @ 1.5 t: 5.00 m
Payload: 16,750 kgs Road use* Fall arrest: Yes
VOLVO 8X4 Rigid
Bhp: 400
Sleepercab: No
Twist locks: Yes
Travel height: 3.43 metres
O/R Spread: 4.74 metres
Payload: 16,750 kgs Road use*
Body & Crane
FASSI 9500
Drawbar: Combination ball/eye
Max radius: 5.90 metres
Lift & load: 1,745 kgs
SWL@ 5.90 m: 1,210 kgs
Rad @ 1.5 t: 5.00 m
Fall arrest: Yes
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