Rigid + Drag trailers (Waggon & Drag)


Wagon & drag outfits are becoming increasingly popular and offer some really big payloads but with the flexibility of being able to remove the truck from the trailer to get better access or for split cargoes. For shifting sites involving 20ft ISO units in addition to plant components they are unbeatable.

With payloads of up to 13 tonnes they come in a variety of different guises, including flat/platform bodies with twist-locks & beavertail ramps for safe loading and unloading of wheeled and tracked plant.

In combination with a HIAB-rigid they have the ability to load and carry 2 x freighted 20 foot shipping containers and stack them on site, and lift and position a heavy concrete agitator & associated piling regalia, making them one of our most sought after services.

Typical specifications

DRAG MAN INTER Body detail
HD Headboard: No Drawbar: VBG coupling
Axles: 3 x – Super singles Floor construction: Hardwood
LEZ/FORS: Yes Warning beacons: Yes
Bed length: 6.00 m Forklift mount: No
Roof open?: N/A Ferry lashing points: Yes – on request
Bed height from floor: 1.50 m Fall arrest: Yes
Payload: 11,000 kgs* *Subject to appropriate tractor
HD Headboard: No
Axles: 3 x – Super singles
Bed length: 6.00 m
Roof open?: N/A
Bed height from floor: 1.50 m
Payload: 11,000 kgs*
Body detail
Drawbar: VBG coupling
Floor construction: Hardwood
Warning beacons: Yes
Forklift mount: No
Ferry lashing points: Yes – on request
Fall arrest: Yes
*Subject to appropriate tractor

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