Special Lifting Attachments

SALLY (Swivel Action Lock & Lift Yolk)

Far and away the best way to handle road plates. Originally fitted to heavy duty and special versions, their winning features means they are being taken up in the general plate stocks of the national hire fleets.

  • They are ultra simple to use, reliable and cost effective
  • Rated up the 4 t SWL.
  • Available directly in the UK from RoadPlateHire

Everyone who has used them, loves them…

We will be using plates like this, with… the SALLY lifters, the only kind of plate to be used on BAA sites because we will incorporate them into the safe standards of work…

A.Fernandez, Works Manager, Ferrovial Agroman. London Heathrow Airport, reporting on the AIRSIDE-SAFELIFT plates, all fitted with SALLY

… our guys say the SALLY is a much better and faster way of handling road plates…

J.Hallom. Engineer, Dyer and Butler, after using SALLY at LondonGatwickAirport



ISO/Container Lifting Lug (Preston Shoe)

Purpose designed and drop forged from high grade steel they represent a quickly deployed, universal & safe way of lifting anything that has ISO corner irons/holes, built into it.

When connected to the bottom lifting holes, it also eliminates the risk of working at height when connecting or disconnecting from the crane, being only at shoulder height when a container is positioned on the body of a truck.


Lego Block Lifter

There is an excellent range of pre-formed concrete block/modular elements on the market today. Often referred to as ‘lego blocks’ HIAB Lorries like ours can be used to erect, dismantle or reconfigure all sorts of semi-permanent concrete structures. Ideal for loading bays, retaining walls and coffer-dams to name just a few. There being various manufacturers of them, they come with several standards of special lifter. Needless to say, we have them all on inventory.


Milton Lifting Pins

Originally made and used to safely lift reinforced concrete drain and sewer components, they have found their way into other areas with similar lifting issues. Not least for spotting TVCB (Temporary Vehicle Crash Barriers) with a Lorry Mounted Crane (LMC).


Threaded Wire Lifting Loop

Compact and versatile, any crane operation worth their salt will have a set, us included of course!

Requiring only a threaded hole to engage, means that putting spots in items to utilise them is pretty straightforward for all sorts of manufacturers.


Block Grab

To enable the  quick and safe shipment of pallet quantities of bricks, blocks or slabs we run the Type 1311 as standard with a minimum working span of 850mm, so it will handle 2×2 and 3×2 slabs, kerbs and block packs. It also has a SWL of 2000 kg. Unit weight 270kg.


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