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A day to remember

Posted on 01/12/2023

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work in an industry that I love and, therefore, most of my days in the job are enjoyable ones. However, there are certain days that stand out, and our get-together on Saturday 11 November was very much one of those. Five years ago, we acquired a three-acre site, which…

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Unboxing (40 foot container style)

Posted on 18/10/2023

After over a year of hard work by our friends at Landbuild in delivering our very smart first class new HQ, workshops and yard facility, we are very pleased to be able to return the good deed. With an expanded team and in the brand new and huge 21 metre x 5 metre paint and…

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We’ve moved!

Posted on 23/06/2023

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve moved to a new purpose built facility at the Southdown Enterprise Park near Henfield. Our new address is: Truck & Crane A division of Southdown Engineers Ltd (Company number: 03390702) Unit WEST Southdown Enterprise Park Shoreham Road Henfield BN5 9SE ///whizzed.prospers.ironclad

Higher & Fire

Posted on 17/03/2023

After generating a great deal of interest in the EVACSTAC concept at IFSEC 22 fire and safety exhibition at Excel, London, the orders for this life saving system are now coming on stream. Here we are delivering the first 3 of 7 units bound for the internationally renown Fire Service College in rural Gloucestershire. Careful…

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Posted on 25/05/2022

A customer of Southdown’s for over 25 years, going back to the Jones/Iron Fairy days has been busy inventing. And come up with the EVACSTAC prefabricated, modular fire escape that can be retrospectively installed to virtually any existing high-rise building. Basically an ‘anti-Grenfell’ device, the units once installed come complete with fire hose compatible water…

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Short lift – Long shift

Posted on 17/02/2022

A regular client booked a nice steady 3 day job with us. It was ever so local, so the fact it was a slightly unusual brief from their normal instructions didn’t concern us unduly. Basically we were to be working with a crew moving some 6m x 2.5m temporary structures from the access point where…

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Fair COP 26

Posted on 31/10/2021

We had a trip back to bonny Scotland again last week. Delivering and siting some ‘Mission critical’ and heavy tackle for a certain climate conference. And very pleased to get a ‘1st class crew…’commendation from the project Commander. You’ll appreciate, given the sensitivity of the jobsite, we won’t have any photos to show you. But…

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Enormous Appendages

Posted on 07/10/2021

Very pleased to be working for the boys at BPH yesterday with out 82 t/m Waggon’n’drag. Assisting with the unloading of some laden 40ft Hi Cube containers and then unpacking them. No flat screen tellies or rubbishy plastic garden chairs from China in these though. Straight from the U.S. and packed with massive goodies for…

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Go to work on an Egg!

Posted on 02/07/2021

Some of you may well have seen this elegant gondola on the stand of VOLERE of Burgess Hill at the South of England Show. These wonderfully crafted little structures form a cosy enclave and give 360 views of a cherished outdoor space so that you can enjoy all year round views from a whole new…

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Limitless possibilities…

Posted on 23/04/2021

Sometimes having all the gear and technology isn’t enough and an sculptors eye and a craftsman skill is what’s needed to make a project really come together. This was very much the case with a recent job for a new client , Limitless Landscapes of Henfield. These carefully chosen sections of Horsham stone weighing up…

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