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Hey hey HAY!

Posted on 09/08/2019

So a lovely Henfield lady called Angela Pennicard had 14 big round hay bales going spare so she kindly donated them to the RSPCA Lockwood Equine Centre near Guildford. The only problem was how to get them there being about 20 miles away! So an FB post and a text or 2 later our driver…

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Millimetre Perfect

Posted on 21/02/2019

This was a job that we’d seen some of before, having last year moved the components from Millimetre’s workshops on the south coast to a storage point in the heart of rural Sussex. Now that the site in North London had been prepared, we were readied to take it to it’s ultimate destination. Challenges included;…

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Up and over

Posted on 11/01/2019

What to do when your very expensive, bespoke glazing unit turns up on site only for the builders to then tell you ‘That ain’t gonna go round the back Guv’. Too big innit!’ Luckily for Mr & Mrs ‘W’ of Lewes the answer was only a web-search away. We sent an Appointed Person out to…

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Rotor quota…

Posted on 05/12/2018

Just a quick off load of a Lynx helicopter and setting it down on the hardstand for a client today. No need to worry about any fancy slinging as the technicians had a lifting point that connected to the top of the rotor shaft – held on by nothing else but the ‘Jesus-nut’ by jiggery!

Super new Supertruck!

Posted on 22/11/2018

After 10 months in the making our new Volvo tractor unit c/w 65 tonne per metre has arrived! So plus having the ability to lift and shift 40 foot shipping containers and being able to couple to our full range of trailers, we’ve built a lovely 4.50 m long super-body to fit it. This is…

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Getting a grip…

Posted on 12/10/2018

As we say goodbye to the long hot summer of 2018 we thank all of our customers and employees for the experience of working with them. Picture shown is Barry ‘The Moo’ Huntley unloading the extensive range of grabs, breakers and handling equipment for Prodem at the Hillhead exhibition. I’m guessing he said ‘Cheese…’ 🙂…

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Extending the olive branch

Posted on 21/08/2018

From Noah, through Popeye to Fillippo Berio, everybody loves an Olive Including the discerning client who ordered this 150 year old specimen to give an air of timeless organic ambience to his chique London roof garden. But rather than having to wait for a Biblical flood to lift it up the 3 stories, we sent…

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A troubled shared…

Posted on 20/07/2018

A problem shared is a problem halved… is the old adage. Whilst that isn’t quite the factor of safety one would use for a complex tandem-lift, the principle holds true. A client had a screening plant to be decommissioned, including a very heavy and awkward screen deck, mounted atop some internal plant. The challenges to…

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Go Goodwood!

Posted on 12/06/2018

It’s still over a month away, but the incredible task of turning the peaceful grounds of Goodwood House in West Sussex into a Mecca for motoring mayhem has begun. Starting at the ‘Start’ (always a good place to begin) we joined the crew charged with setting up the infamous hill climb course. It’s a shame…

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The real power behind Parliament?

Posted on 10/05/2018

It’s OK, we’re not really claiming to be pulling the strings behind one of the world’s oldest democracies, but we will take credit for pulling some levers in front of it! It’s nice to be relied upon to deliver the goods on these prestige jobs, and I know that even if drivers are asked to…

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